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Need some financial help?

We all have plans and dreams for our lives.  But, finding the money in a responsible way to achieve those plans and dreams can be difficult.  The most important part of the previous sentence is “responsible way”.  Unfortunately, there is a surplus of foolish financial products that will typically do more harm to your bank account than good.  Likewise, there is a shortage of good financial products, and even rarer, are affordable good financial services and advice.

Michael Holstine offers quality financial analysis at an affordable price.  You can come to one of his financial seminars or you can meet with him personally.  In either case, you will receive knowledgeable and dependable advice.  Michael will show you how to budget and manage your money.  You will learn how to eliminate your debt and utilize your money in a profitable manner.
The emphasis is on you learning.  Michael wants you to develop these tools for yourself, not be reliant on him or someone else.  Michael’s goal is for you to become financially self-sufficient.  Your potential savings could be thousands of dollars.

Michael offers his service at a very affordable rate.  The seminar is priced less than $100, or if you would prefer to meet with him one on one, it is less than $200.  Michael believes you should not be spending tons of money when you are trying to save and better your financial condition. 
Michael assures if you implement what you learned in his seminar or meeting for one month, you will save more money in the first month than the price of the service.
For seminar dates or to set up a personal meeting, please contact Michael directly at 303 884-8526 or by email at

Coming soon a new website and DVD seminars so one can complete the seminar in the privacy of your own home….no need to travel to or attend a seminar site.





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