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Buying a Home

Buying a home is of your most significant investment in life. Not only are you choosing your dwelling, you are most likely investing a large portion of your assets into this venture. The more prepared you are at the outset, the more pleasant and less stressful the buying process will be. We provide you with detailed information to assist you in making an intelligent and informed decision. If you have any questions about the process, we're only a phone call or email away!

BuyingWhere it starts -
Most likely you have a mental picture of what your home should look like and what features it should have. The next step is to marry your ideal home with your price range. Now you need to contact a mortgage lender. The lender will take all pertinent information regarding your finances and perform an extensive check on your current financial status. This will ultimately give you the loan you will qualify for. We help you get the process started and it does not take long.

A word about lenders -
Choosing a reputable lender is very important. Today there is no end to the number of lenders available. Colorado is one of a few states that has no licensing requirements to be a mortgage broker. Most lenders offer dozens of products that can be tailored to your needs. These loans all have different risks and advantages associated with them. You will want a mortgage lender who consults with you and explains exactly what your various mortgage options are and the fees associated with these options. There is more to borrowing than just your monthly payments.

How do you choose a loan or a lender?
We have established relationships with mortgage lenders that we know are reputable, honest, and have a track record based on providing our clients with the same high level of service we provide. You can find them on our homepage under the Mortgage tab.

BuyingThe Next Step -
Armed with the knowledge of what you can afford we begin searching for your home.We provide you with information about available homes that match the features you are looking for. We encourage you to look using this web site also! We keep a daily eye out for new properties coming on the market and let you know as soon as they are available. This is especially important because there is often times a significant delay between the time that a property comes on the market in the MLS system and the time those same properties are available in other online real estate search tools. Looking at homes on line and e-mails is great, but there is no substitute for physically previewing the properties you are interested in. When you are ready to go see the properties, simply give us a call and tell us the properties you are interested in and when you are available. We will schedule private showings for you. In the case of multiple properties, we plan and schedule all of the properties in an efficient way that allows you to see the most properties in a timely manner. We do the driving and you get to focus on the homes you are interested in.

Service Areas -
We are often asked “where do you work? The answer is “wherever our clients need us”, from the front range to the mountains.  Purchasing a home is an evolving process. We may start  with given parameters that do not work for you. As we discover this we move to other properties that fit your needs. We go where your interests are.







Greenwood Village




Idaho Springs







Federal Heights






Wheat Ridge

Castle Rock




Hills Village

Fort Collins

Lone Tree






Colorado Springs




Commerce City




You Found Your Home -
When you find your home many tasks follow. It is important that we research recent home sales in the area to assure you are getting the right price.  We then write your offer. The contract will specify a schedule of events for you and the seller. After the offer is accepted we assist you daily in staying on schedule with inspections, lending requirements, and any home services that you may require.
We schedule your closing time and place. The title company conducts your closing. We are with you every step of the way to guide you and assure you everything is done properly. It is our greatest honor and privilege to help our clients purchase a home. We look forward to helping you make the purchase of your next home an exciting and rewarding experience.

To get started go to "Home Search" on this website or contact us by phone or e-mail.






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